Tests, Results & Referrals 

As part of your care with the Practice you may be asked to have a blood test. The Practice offers pre-bookable appointments in its blood clinic between 8am-12pm each working day. Appointments can be booked by ringing the Practice. 
When a clinician asks you to have a blood test, they may send you a text message with a link allowing you to book an appointment for the blood test in one of our clinics. 
Appointments are also available on a Saturday morning for our patients at Thurmaston Health Centre which are bookable by ringing the Practice. If you book for a Saturday you will need to collect your blood form from the Practice to take this with you. 
At busier times we may not be able to accomodate patients who have been asked to have a blood test by the hospital and these will need to be carried out at one of the hospital's phlebotomy clinics. We apologise if this is the case. 
If you would like to know the results of any tests that the Practice has asked you to have, then please ring between 10am-2pm and after 4pm. Outside those times, our phonelines will be busy with patients ringing for our Urgent Access Clinics. You can alternatively attend the Practice anytime, to ask for your results. 
To ensure confidentiality, we only release results to the patient, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing. 
Please note: If the hospital has asked you to have some blood tests but you had them carried out at the Practice you will need to contact the hospital for the results, not the Practice. 
As part of your care with the Practice we may refer you to the hospital to see a consultant or for tests that we are unable to perform at the Practice. 
If you have been referred but are yet to hear about an appointment within 4-6 weeks, below are useful numbers to contact to enquire about your appointment: 
UHL (Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester General Hopsital or Glenfield Hopsital) Outpatient Appointments - 0300 303 1563 
Radiology Department (Xray, Ultrasound and MRI appointments) - 0116 258 8765 (select appropriate option) 
Main Switchboard for University Hospital of Leicester - 0300 303 1573 
Please contact the hospital first with any queries about your appointment prior to contacting the Practice. 
If you have been referred by the Practice on to the Two Week Wait referral pathway, and you have not heard about an appointment after 10 days, please contact their booking office on 0116 250 2543. 
If you request that you are referred to one of the local private hospitals (SPIRE, NUFFIELD) you will require a supporting letter to take with you to your appointment/to book the appointment. Once it has been agreed that a Private Referral is to be completed, please allow for 7 days for this request. Please keep this in mind when booking an appointment, at the hospital, as we will be unable to gurantee requests for referrals at short notice. 
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