On this page, you will find answers to frequently asked questions ranging from 'How to register' to 'Who works at the practice' and 'How do I request a home visit'. Please use the boxes below to jump directly to your area of interest. 


If you are resident within the practice area and wish to register, please collect a registration pack from the surgery. When you register with the practice at reception please provide photo ID or a birth certificate and a letter with proof of address. Forms for completion can be found below: 
A new medical card will no longer be sent by Registration and Screening Services. If you need to make contact the details are as follows: 
Patient Registration and Screening Services 
PO Box 7157 
Leicester LE5 4YJ 
Registering for online access is a straightforward and simple process that provides patients/carers with a convenient way to interact with the practice. Please download this document to learn more and you’ll be able to access these services in no time at all’ – we will provide this document 
Process currently under review. 


We have a legal obligation under the General Data Protection Regulations to ensure that all information held or processed about you complies with the principles of these Regulations. Sometimes the law requires us to pass on information for example, in the event of sudden death. 
We only ever pass on information about you if people have a bona fide authorised need for it and it is in your best interest that information is disclosed. 
Most data we disclose is anonymised i.e. your personal details are not disclosed (eg for medical research purposes) If we do need to disclose information about you to other parties it is generally with your written consent (e.g. you are seeking life insurance cover). 
Anyone who receives personal or similar information from us is also under a legal duty to keep it confidential. 
View our Privacy Notice explaning how we use your information to provide healthcare by clicking here. 
Click here to read how your information is shared so that we meet legal requirements. 
To see how your information measures quality of care and is used for medical research, click here. 
Find out about your health care records here 
The Freedom of Information Act obliges the practice to produce a publication scheme which is a guide to the ‘classes’ of information the practice intends to routinely make available. 
Find out about the NHS Constitution here 


The practice operates a zero-tolerance policy on violence and aggression. We will not accept abusive or violent behaviour towards our doctors, staff or other persons present on the premises. Individuals behaving in such a manner will be immediately removed from our list. These patients will then be able to access primary care services from a specialist provider arranged by East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group. 
All GP practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g. average pay) for GP's working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice. 
The average pay for GPs working in Jubilee Medical practice in the last financial year was £43,203 before tax and national insurance. This is for 2 full-time GPs and 6 part time GPs who worked in the Practice for more than 6 months.. 
The Freedom of Information Act obliges the practice to produce a publication scheme which is a guide to the ‘classes’ of information the practice intends to routinely make available. 
Fees Tariff 2016/17 
e.g. HGV medicals, Taxi medicals, Driving medicals 
GPR Insurance Company 
Standard solicitors report 
Additional information 
Occupational Health Report  
Adoption/Foster Medical (AH) 
Adoption/Foster Medical (AH2)  
Childminder- Ofsted Health Declaration  
Sickness/accident/insurance/Travel cancellation claim forms  
To Whom It May Concern/In my opinion letters 
To Whom It May Concern – one line only 
Character Reference  
Private sick note/certificate  
Vaccination Certificate 
Freedom from infection certificate  
Fitness to Travel Certificate  
Private Travel Prescriptions 
Doctor Consultation 
Nurse Consultation  
Blood Test (taking not testing) 
Testing of blood at LRI  
on application 
Private Prescriptions  
Computer records only  
Combined manual & computer records (Maximum price) 
Meningitis - £80.00 
Rabies (3 doses) 
Japanese encephalitis 
Hep B – Full Course (payable on first appointment) 
Hep B Booster - £ 40.00 
- tablets can sometimes be purchased directly from a pharmacy- or a private prescription is required for malaria 
(the pharmacy will also charge you for the tablets) 
Further injection and blood test if required  
Free on NHS 
Hep A 
Free on NHS 
Free on NHS 
Free on NHS 
Free on NHS 


The doctors operate in partnership from the Health Centre which is conveniently situated in the centre of Syston with ample parking. 


Dr Elizabeth M Sellen (F) 
MB ChB (Leicester 1984) DRCOG DFSRH FP Cert 
Dr Cheryl A Metcalfe (F) 
MB ChB (Liverpool 1984) MRCGP DFSRH FP Cert 
Dr Phillip Green (M) 
MB ChB (Leicester 1996) DRCOG MRCGP FP Cert 
Dr Girish Purohit (M) 
MBBS BSC (Management) 
Dr Nishaan Khoosal (M) 
MB ChB (Birmingham 2006) MRCGP, DipPsych 
Dr Tracy Blount (F) 
MB ChB (Leicester 1999), DFFP, MRCGP, DIP PalMed (Paed) 
Dr Amit Bharkhada (M) 
MBBS (Guy's, Kings & St. Thomas School of Medicine, 2008), MRCGP (2013), PGCME, MAcadME 
Dr David Steadman(M) 
BA (hons) History (Birmingham 2005), MbChB (hons) (Leicester 2011), MRCGP 


Dr Sameera Allie, (F)  
GP Trainee  
Dr Fatemeh Alibeygi, (F) 
GP Trainee  
Dr Rakesh Parmar, (M) 
Foundation Year 2 Doctor 


MB or BM - Bachelor of Medicine 
ChB - Bachelor of Surgery 
Hons – with the award of Honours 
MRCGP - Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners 
DFSRH - Diploma of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare 
DRCOG - Diploma of Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists 
FP Cert - Certificate in Family Planning 
MA - Master of Arts 
BA - Bachelor of Arts 
Dip Psych - Diploma in Psychiatry 
DIP PalMED (Paed) - Diploma in Palliative Paediatric Medicine 


Cath Morgan:  
Urgent Access Clinician, Contraception, Sexual Health and Diabetes 


Susie Middlemiss:  
COPD, Healthy Lifestyle Advisor and Assessor for Exercise on Prescription 
Natalie Nicholls: 
Wound Clinics, injections, CHD, Warfarin 
Holly Taylor: 
Wound Clinics, Community Care 


Sally Dilley 
Rebecca Dilley 
Paige Boddice 
Reception Manager: Michelle Keogh 
Senior Receptionist: Inez Adams 
Tina Smith, Jacqueline Edge, Tina Godrich, Michelle Winning, and Paige Boddice  
Sharna Hairby, Emma Hadley, Kurt Staunton 
Bridget Roberts 
Sheila Williams 
David Swanson 
Joanne Simpson 
Deborah Brant 
Fern Armstrong 
Chloe Dyer 
The Community Services Staff are employed by Leicestershire Partnership Trust. 
Health Visitors: We have a Health Visiting team working with the Practice, who are based at the Health Centre, to contact please telephone 01509 410 171 or 01509 410 258. 
District Nurses: We work in close association with the District Nursing Team. The team is involved in home visiting, community nurse-led clinics and treating patients under the care of the hospital. Please telephone 0800 800 7777. 
Podiatrist – a podiatrist and her assistants provide a foot care service. Please telephone 0116 225 5118 extension 0663. 
Community Midwives – The midwives are based at St Mary's Hospital, Melton. To contact the midwife please ring 01664 854854 (24 hours). Non-urgent messages can be left at the surgery reception desk. An ante-natal clinic is held at the Health Centre on Tuesday afternoon. 
As a training and teaching practice, we provide placements for medical, nursing and pharmacy students from local and national Universities. We also have GP's in training working with us at the practice. 
We are grateful to our patients for the help they give to medical students in an essential part of their training. 
As a Training Institution, we offer and coordinate high-quality Primary Care-based medical education, for both under and post-graduate students, from a myriad of Health Care professions. The training environment is designed to promote our ethos of inter-professional education, allowing students from across differing health-care disciplines, to work with and alongside each other. 


We recognise that being able to see the doctor of your choice, that knows and understands you and your condition is important. We provide pre-bookable appointments available 2 or 4 weeks in advance. 
We would encourage our patients wherever possible, to book your appointment on-line. Please contact reception to find out how. 
Requests for repeat prescriptions should be made through reception and do not require an appointment with a doctor. If you have a long-standing illness and need an extension to your sick note, please discuss with reception to discuss whether you require a review with a doctor. 
We have a walk-in service for patients with a new problem who feel they need to be seen that day. You will be seen by the urgent access team that will include a GP and specialist minor illness clinicians. 
If you attend the surgery between 8AM and 10AM you will be seen. Every effort will be made to see you in a timely manner, but this does depend on the number of patients using this service on a particular day. 
These appointments are of a shorter duration than routine appointments and therefore only 1 new problem can be addressed. As a result, prescription queries and more long-standing conditions cannot be managed at this time. If the clinician is unable to manage your problem in this clinic, you may be asked to arrange a more routine appointment. 
Many common infections resolve without antibiotics or the need to see a doctor, click here for more information. 
Examples of the sort of problems that could be managed include but are not exclusive to the following: 
Skin infections 
Water infections 
Sore throats 
Flu type symptoms 
New chest pain or abdominal pain 
Insect bites 
Eye infections 
Ear infections 
Back pains 
Minor injuries occurring in the last 48 hours 
What is the Urgent Access Clinic? 
Before accessing the Urgent Access Clinic, please consider whether the following options would be more appropriate: - 
See an Optician for eye problems, Dentist for problems in the mouth and throat, Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor for muscle or joint problems and Podiatrist for foot problems. 
When the surgery is closed, and you are not sure if you can wait until the surgery re-opens, you can ring NHS 111 for advice. Telephone 111 or speak to your pharmacist. 
If you just need some telephone advice from the doctor, you can request a telephone appointment and the doctor will telephone you to discuss your problem. 
Ring the surgery to speak with a receptionist to discuss who may be the best person to deal with your request. 
Many common infections resolve without antibiotics or the need to see a doctor, click here for more information 
This may be: - 
A telephone consultation with the doctor or nurse, especially if your request is urgent. 
A nurse appointment, for example to check blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, general health checks, elderly health checks and for vaccinations. 
An administrative request. You do not usually need to see the doctor for the following, unless advised to do so: first week self-certification forms, DHSS forms, Housing letters, Blue Badge Parking forms, Immunisation Certificates, Council Exemption forms, Employment references, letters for employers, Insurance certificates. Some of these may incur charges. 
A routine or urgent appointment with the doctor. 
The demand for the urgent access clinic is sometimes very high, and therefore you may wait longer than you would if you had booked a routine appointment. If you are attending with children it may be advisable to bring along a favourite toy, as we do not currently have a dedicated play area. We are working with the PPG to see how we can improve the waiting area for children. We would welcome your comments and suggestions. 
Please help the surgery to run smoothly by arriving at least five minutes before your appointment is due. 
Doctors’ appointments are booked at 10-minute intervals. 
We can only effectively see one patient and one problem per appointment so please do not ask the doctor to see anyone else who is present with you during your consultation. 
Please avoid asking the doctor for repeat prescriptions during the consultation, this takes up valuable time and we have a repeat prescription system. 
Please inform us in good time if you are unable to attend your appointment so we may offer it to another patient. 
If you are unwell it may be helpful to bring a sample of urine with you. 
If you are bringing a baby, please dress him or her with a vest (or other) to enable easy examination of chest and abdomen. 
These measures are to help us provide the best quality of prompt service and care for our patients. 
It is hoped that wherever possible patients will attend the surgery for consultation. 
To request a home visit please ring 0116 2950 600 before 10.00am if possible. 
Home visiting is limited to patients who are acutely ill or suffering from a terminal illness. 
You may be asked to speak to a doctor for a home visit to be assessed. 
When requesting a home visit the following details will be required: 
Full name and or address of patient requiring visit 
Name of usual GP 
Telephone number 
Details of problem 
Please have a urine specimen available for testing at the time of your visit if you are unwell 
We appreciate that many of our patients are very busy and sometimes may find it difficult to come to the surgery for an appointment. 
Our doctors and nurses can offer booked telephone consultations each day. If you have a medical problem that your doctor or nurse is already aware of, or you need some simple medical advice, you will be able to speak to the doctor or nurse, this may alleviate the need for you to attend an appointment at the surgery. 
Please telephone the surgery on the appointments line and ask the receptionist for more information or to book a telephone consultation. 
Please see our information on out of hours’ care and walk-in centres 


We have a computerised repeat prescription service. Repeat prescriptions are normally for patients with long-term conditions who receive regular treatment. Your doctor or nurse practitioner will decide who can have a repeat prescription. 
From time to time we will ask you to see your doctor (nurse practitioner) to review your medication. We do this to monitor your illness and medication. 
You can ask for a repeat prescription: by calling into the surgery when the reception is open; by post; or online. 
Wherever possible please give the exact drug names when ordering. Please allow 48 hours before collection. 
Due to the high volume of repeat prescription requests, we are UNABLE to take requests over the telephone. 
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