How can I get involved? 

The Practice will contact you if there is a research study that you fit the criteria to take part in.  
If you wish to support the Practice in Research and Medical Studies, the best way to do this is to agree to take part in any research studies that we contact you about. There are some studies that anyone can take part in and these will be advertised in the Practice, on the website and will be included in the list of our ongoing studies which can be found here
Unfortunately, some studies have a criteria which the Research team set. This means sadly, that patients that are wishing to be involved in research may not get the opportunity to do so, as they may not fall into criteria for studies the Practice is involved in. However, if you fulfil all the criteria set, the Practice will be in contact with you. This is as long as you have not expressed your dissent in not being involved or contacted about research studies.  
If you do not wish to be contacted about research studies then all is required is that you let the Practice know. We will then ensure that your records are marked clearly that you have declined to take part in any research studies. This will include you being excluded from any requests for data extracts from our database, which will be non patient identifiable, that the Practice is asked to take part in. 
Another way you can support the Practice is by informing friends and family members that the Practice is a Research Ready Practice and direct them to our website to read about research and why we think it is important that we as a Practice take part. This way, if they get invited to take part in a study in the future, they will be already aware about research studies and it will help allow them make an informed decision on whether they wish to take part in the study or not.  
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